5 Reasons Why Working as Dental Hygienist is the Best

5 Reasons Why Working as Dental Hygienist is the Best

SmallSmilesUSA.Com, 5 Reasons Why Working as Dental Hygienist is the Best – Working as dental hygienist is simply the best. For those who are interested in dental health, having a job taking care of people’s gums and teeth is something to look forward to. Indeed, there are many types of expert in the health field and one of the best is a dental hygienist. Working as a dental hygienist will bring some great benefits. Even though the benefits are not as big as working as a dentist, working as a dental hygienist will still bring you some reliable incomes and job security. This is why the jobs as dental hygienist are sought everywhere. Along with the dental lab technician jobs, the jobs as dental hygienist will simply bring you these benefits below.

5 Reasons Why Working as Dental Hygienist is the Best

1. Earn a Competitive Salary

Dental hygienist is a healthcare professional. To be able to perform the job, you will have to earn a degree or certificate from the dental network of America. This is a serious job. This serious job will certainly earn you a competitive salary. There is no doubt that dental hygienists are paid well for the work that they do every day. In fact, this is the kind of job that has high pay, compared to other job as healthcare providers. In 2014, the Bureau of Labor Statistics stated that people working as dental hygienist received average payment or salary of $70,210.00. Today, the sum of money that you can receive while working as dental hygienist will be even higher. The payment or salary that you will receive is going to be even bigger if you have specialization within the field. That is why you can see in places like University of Colorado School of Dental Medicine is full of students looking forward to be dental hygienists.

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2. Enjoy a Flexible Lifestyle

Dental hygienist is a great job for those who want to live a flexible lifestyle. Indeed, flexibility is something that you will certainly enjoy when you work as dental hygienist. Working as dental hygienist is going to make you work on a flexible schedule. You can even work at weekends only and take the job as a part tome job. Dental hygienist is not a dentist who has to stand by in the clinic or dentist office for hours. They can be there at anytime and they do not have to be there all the time. Today, a lot of dental hygienists are working in two or even three dental offices in the same day. The adjustable schedule allows them to create great balance between work and life. Some of the dental hygienists today are also working and continuing study at the same time. So, besides taking care of dental insurance that covers implants, they continue to go to college and learn more about types of dental implants and other things that will be useful for their career.

3. Minimal Schooling

Working as dental hygienist does need some degree or certificate, in this case, you will need two-year degree/certification. Compared to other jobs that you can get using a two-year degree, dental hygienist is certainly getting paid better. The reasons why working as dental hygienist is paid well, despite of the minimal schooling, are including the fact that dental health is literally more expensive than others in the healthcare world. Taking care of your gums and teeth cost more money compared to taking care of the rest of the body. That is why the professionals who can help you with that will be paid higher as well. If you are looking a steady job that requires minimal schooling, probably working as night and day dental hygienist is the answer. You can go to University of Minnesota Dental School for only two years or so, get the certificate, and start working professionally as dental hygienist.

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4. Enjoying Job Security

Ever getting afraid of suddenly losing your job? Well, if you are working as a dental hygienist, losing your job is quite unlikely. Why so? It is because the job security while working as a dental hygienist is quite high. Many people these days are more and more concerned with their dental care. Going to dental office is now part of daily lifestyle. The high in demand makes the job in the dental healthcare is quite secure. A lot of people going to Tricare reserve select dental and taking care of their gum and teeth. Places like that of course need professionals, not just dentists but also dental hygienists. That is why if you have the certificate as professional dental hygienist from University of the Pacific Dental School or everywhere else, you will find jobs easily after you become licensed.

5. Many Opportunities for Advancement

As stated before about how long does it take to become a dental hygienist, the answer is not too long. By obtaining a certificate or two-year degree, you can already start to work as dental hygienist and establish a career. The great thing about working as dental hygienist is there will be plenty of training programs that you can try and it will surely enhance your ability in the dental field. A lot of dental hygienists take classes as well and eventually manage to get bachelor’s or master’s degree. Having those more advanced degree is surely going to advance the opportunities in the dental health service such as being able to establish your own dental clinic and so on.

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Those are the five reasons why working as dental hygienist seems to be the best. If you have the passion in the world of dental health, like you know you will be happy taking care of people’s gum and teeth while providing them with enough knowledge about how to take care of their personal hygiene, working as dental hygienists is surely your forte. This is why places like comfort dental Colorado springs are always packed with people. People love to take care of their gums and teeth while professionals such as the dental hygienists will always be there handling the problems with good knowledge and professionalism