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Small Smiles Dental Centers is the nation’s leader in quality care for underserved children and young adults. Our state-of-the-art practices are improving access to care for Medicaid and SCHIP patients througout the nation. Since 1967 we have served our patient population with purpose, pride and passion.

Quality Dental Care for Low Income Families

At Small Smiles and other associated dental centers across the country, we strive every day to ensure that children from low-income families have access to quality dental care provided in a compassionate, kid-friendly environment. Our network of facilities and caregivers is dedicated to giving America’s kids the smiles they deserve.

Small Smiles Mission

Forty years ago, Small Smiles was founded on the principle that all children should have access to high-quality dental care. We remain committed to that principle today.

Small Smiles Dental Centers serve communities in 22 states. Click below to find a location near you.

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According to the Kaiser Commission, poor dental health in young children has the potential to affect speech, social development and quality of life.

In order to get the correct medical records, folks got to do the following:

1. Ascertain precisely wherever the records ar placed. generally it’s not that straightforward to try to to if that exact Small Smiles wherever your kid with the patient isn’t any longer operative.

2. If the Small Smiles clinic isn’t any longer open, a parent should confirm who has the records. Since it’s needed by law that medical and dental suppliers see if patient records for a minimum range of years in many countries, the records should still exist somewhere.

3. Confirm the precise date that your kid was a patient.

4. Acquire associate authorization that offers Small Smiles permission to unleash your child’s dental records to you. The authorization typically must be HIPPA, within the same method that medical records authorizations got to be.

5. Follow up on the standing of the records request if you have got not received them inside 3 weeks. This typically means that pinpointing the precise one who worked on your request and checking out what their timeframe is and the way several different youngsters they need to manufacture records for.

6. Enlist the assistance of a neutral paediatric dental knowledgeable to review the records and confirm whether or not or not the treatment your kid received was necessary.

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