Can I Whiten My Teeth?

Can I Whiten My Teeth?

Nice smile is one of the great things, which people argue as the one factor of being attractive. One way to have a nice smile in every occasion is by whitening the teeth. With the white teeth, people will be more confident to smile and it will make them look more special. However, some people may ask, can I whiten my teeth? In order to give you some answers, I will show you some ways to whiten your teeth. See some points of it below.

Using orange peels or lemon

can I whiten my teeth

Applying the natural ways in whitening the teeth can be a nice choice to have non-side effect. The orange peels or the lemon is one of the natural whiten teeth, which you can choose. Orange and lemon are the kinds of nice fruit, which consist of the high nutrition to control the health of the body. However, some evidences say that it is also nice for whitening your teeth. You will not know before trying. Here, you need to be careful with the acid of those fruits.

Using strawberry

strawberry can I whiten my teeth

Actually, strawberry – and other berries, is nice for the health of the body with its high antioxidant. However, there are some nice facts, which show that strawberry can be the alternative in choosing the way in natural whiten teeth. To apply the strawberry as the way in getting the white teeth, you just need to mash four or five strawberry and apply it in your teeth. After it, wash with the cold water. Doing it regularly will give the effective result for you.

  Teeth Whitening Before And After

Using sensitive toothpaste

The way to treat the teeth can be done by choosing the specific kind of the toothpaste. Since brushing is one of the best ways in getting the white of teeth, the sensitive toothpaste will be a nice partner for it. It can be the support for the natural whiten teeth. Why do I need to choose the sensitive toothpaste? Something, which you need to know, is that the sensitive toothpaste has the different substance. The nice substance is great to throw the dirt away.

Combining the baking soda and hydrogen peroxide

Another way to get the white teeth is by combining the baking soda and hydrogen peroxide. The combination of it is one the well-known matter to whiten the teeth. How can it happen? Baking soda has the high whitening substance, which will be useful to clean your teeth. In other hand, the hydrogen peroxide will keep the health of teeth. Make a mix of it with the water and use it to wash your teeth after brushing.

Now, you already know the answer of your question; can I whiten my teeth? By the details of the explanation above, you have several ideas to choose. However, in order to have the best result and white teeth, you need to do it in regular time. Call the specialist when you find the worse problem, which need the special treatment. I hope it will be useful for you.