Can Naturally Yellow Teeth Be Whitened

Can Naturally Yellow Teeth Be Whitened

Can naturally yellow teeth be whitened without using chemical ingredient that may cause harm to you? Some of people may have allergy when they use chemical product. It goes to the same problem when they want to whitening their yellow teeth. As the yellow teeth may get whitened by using chemical product, you may worry for not having a chance to clean up your teeth and get your teeth whitened. Don’t worry; if you are one of the dozen people who cannot use some chemical product, then there is an alternative ice breaker for you. Forget all about chemical and brings back the natural one. The answer is no other than using the natural ingredients! With right steps you will get a chance to bring back your white teeth. Erase all your worry; leave out your problem with this one win win solution!

Using natural ingredient to get a whiter teeth every day

There must be several questions that pops out as you ask about teeth including one basic question like can yellow teeth naturally be whitened? The answer is yes. The yellow teeth can be whitened with right method. Some people usually go to the doctor and having some treatments in order to get their white teeth again. Some of people may have sensitive teeth. It makes them can use chemical product. Thus, as a help of the problems, the natural method is the answer. This method is easy to do at home. With easy steps, you won’t feel hard to follow and apply this method by yourself. The natural ingredients that you need are easy to find as well. So, let’s check out what the steps!

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Can yellow teeth naturally be whitened? Ask one of your friends. Don’t worry! The answer is definitely yes. You can use these three natural ways to get your whitened teeth. The first step is using baking soda and lemon juice paste. If you go to the cake store you will find this product with a chemical name as sodium bicarbonate. Other natural ingredient that you need is lemon. The other things that you need to prepare are teaspoons, water, and toothbrush. Then the way how to do it is firstly mixing the baking soda and the fresh lemon juice with a little amount of water. Use the teaspoons to mixture it. Then, wipe your teeth off with a soft towel. The mixing ingredient would have a pasta texture. You take some paste onto your toothbrush. Next step is applying it on your teeth like you usually brush your teeth.

What you have to do next is leaving the paste on your teeth for around 1 minute then you can rinse your mouth. The second method using natural ingredients is by using the combination of strawberry, salt, and baking soda scrub. Strawberry has a high vitamin c that can help you to break down the plaque on your yellow teeth. Other substance inside the strawberry is malic acid that helps you removing surface stains while the salt can scrub away the stain causing gunk. The way to make a paste from these materials naturals is that firstly mashing the strawberry until it looks like a pulp then adds some salt along with half of teaspoon of baking soda. Then wipe your teeth before you apply the mixing paste on your teeth. Let it stays on your teeth for around five minute the rinse it. It will give a better result if you do it at night. So, the fact that can yellow teeth naturally be whitened is obviously can be done.

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Can yellow teeth naturally be whitened coconut oil rinse. You may at first frowning your eyebrows as you hears about coconut oil but wait, this method is definitely can work well. You only need a tablespoon. What you have to do is using this oil as your gargling natural teeth. You do it in the morning before you wash your teeth. Take some tablespoon of coconut oil then just put it on your mouth and gargling for several minutes, may around 10 minutes or more, then you can spit it out and continue uses paste to brush your teeth. After you see these, you will recognize how easy this method to be practiced alone at your house.

Can naturally yellow teeth be whitened in one day?

When someone asks can naturally yellow teeth be whitened then the answer is yes. The yellow teeth can be whitened depending on the way of treatment you choose. Some of the treatment that uses chemical provides more faster result while the other one that use the natural methods one will need longer time to get the result. But all above this is depend on your interest and your teeth condition. You can try both of the treatment method and comparing the result. Anything you choose the important is to get a whitened teeth and get away from the yellow teeth.