Common Questions About Dental Implants

Common Questions About Dental Implants, Common Questions About Dental Implants – Dental implants are on the cutting edge of technology in the world of tooth replacement. They’ve actually been on the market for decades but their popularity has soared since their quality and methodology has improved. Many people are becoming interested in this technique as an option for them and are asking their dentists many questions.

Here are some of the more frequently asked quandaries along with some answers.

What exactly are dental implants?

This term refers to the titanium posts or screws which attach to a person’s jawbone in order to anchor a false tooth. The older method of utilizing a bridge and cement has proved unsatisfactory because they fall out or become loose. Sometimes they just weren’t comfortable. The new type of connection makes the tooth function in much the same way as an actual natural tooth.

How does it work?

The titanium bonds permanently to the jawbone and then the bone actually grows around it. This makes a strong enough bond for flossing, brushing and eating to take place without loosening.

When were these devices invented?

Dental implants have been on the market since 1952. The invention occurred when a Swedish professor named Dr. Branemark was working on experimental research regarding bone grafting. While he was working in his laboratory in Lund, Sweden he accidentally allowed titanium to come into contact with living bone material. Much to his surprise, the bond between the bone and the titanium was immediately permanent and irreversible. He used his discovery to develop the current technology that is used with these medical devices today.

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Why should a patient undergo this procedure?

Teeth are very important to our overall health. They support the structure of the mouth, provide chewing capability and enhance psychological and emotional health. Aesthetic appeal is enhanced with a healthy mouth and set of teeth, as well.

How many teeth in a person’s mouth can be replaced with this method?

Dental implants can be placed for one tooth or an entire bridge. This all depends on a person’s individual need.

How long do they last?

With proper implementation and maintenance, these devices should last a lifetime. Regular preventative visits to the dentist office should be kept up, as well as appropriate and healthy oral care habits of flossing and brushing.

What is the success rate of these devices?

Dental implants have a 90% trouble free success rate and it’s improving all the time.