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Community Based Stories

Community Based Stories

Across America, Small Smiles Dental Centers are developing partnerships in support of children’s dental health. Every day, our caregivers and staff are having an impact on dental health and wellness in their communities.

ROSELAWN: A Dynamic Dental Duo


RoselawnWhen Julian (left) and Jaydon (right) grow up, they want to be just like Dr. Jodi (center), lead dentist at Small Smiles of Roselawn, Ohio. After all, the four-year-old twins set up their own imaginary dentist office at home after their first visit with Dr. Jodi.

“The patient was a stuffed toy penguin,” says the twins’ mother, Shauna, a teacher. “The dentist chair was a kitchen stool. They were wearing their own handmade facemasks, and their instruments were pencils and spoons. It was really cute. They played for about 20 minutes. Their two-year-old sister Natalie volunteered to be their patient.”

Shauna discovered Small Smiles after Jaydon chipped a tooth on his crib. “Now we’ve been coming here every six months for the last three years,” says Shauna. “It’s a really friendly, warm atmosphere here.”

INDIANAPOLIS: This Little Girl is Big On Brushing


IndianapolisDeysi (left) is a cavity-fighting kid. The seven-year-old has been taking great care of her teeth since coming to Small Smiles of Indianapolis. “I learned to brush my teeth twice a day and not to eat cookies,” says Deysi.

On her first visit to Small Smiles as a five-year-old, Deysi’s fears were overcome when she met the dental assistant who would be treating her – also named Deysi (right). “I tried to explain to her that there was nothing to be scared of,” says Deysi. “Little Deysi was eating a lot of candy and it was hurting her teeth, so we taught her the importance of brushing and eating healthy foods.”


Today little Deysi is always happy when she comes to Small Smiles. “She loves to pick out stickers and toys from the treasure chest,” says Deysi, the hygienist. “She always asks for me because we have the same first name. She likes to hear me say our name using a Spanish pronunciation. The last time, she gave me a hug and said, ‘I really like to come here and have my teeth cleaned.’”

SOUTH BEND: A Life-Changing Smile

south bend

South BendA beautiful smile can change your life. Just ask Chris Creswell (left). When Chris first came to Small Smiles of South Bend, Indiana in 2008, he was a frustrated 17-year-old. “Chris was a rebellious teenager,” says Dr. Bridget (right), his Small Smiles dentist. “His teeth were yellow and decayed, and he wouldn’t let anyone touch his mouth.”

Over time, the Small Smiles staff earned his trust, and after 10 visits, Chris had a new smile and a new outlook on life. “It’s been a 100 percent turnaround,” says Dr. Bridget. Tasha, Chris’ mom, agrees. “Fixing his teeth changes his whole attitude, “ she says. “Today, Chris is a healthy, happy kid.”

Before Small Smiles, Chris was making Cs and Ds in school. Now he’s on the Honor Roll and has been twice named Student of the Month. Chris will soon graduate from high school and plans to attend college on a full scholarship. And Tasha has been so inspired by her son that she’s thinking about going back to school. Now that’s life-changing!