Dental Health – The Advantages and Disadvantages of Dental Implants

Dental Health – The Advantages and Disadvantages of Dental Implants

Dental Health – The Advantages and Disadvantages of Dental Implants – Dental implant is a thing that will be chosen by people if they face something wrong with their tooth or teeth. It commonly happens when someone just lost his tooth due to accident, decay, failed root canals, or diseases on the gum. In order to keep the teeth solid and the mouth healthy, mini dental implants will be enough to cover that.

Mini dental implant is basically as same as the regular dental besides the difference on the size. For your information, adult will lose all the permanent teeth by 74 year-old at age, stated by the American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons.

Dentures and fixed bridgework were the popular options in the past when people wanted to fill the gap between their teeth. But recently, dental implant has become the more popular alternative. Besides the various types of dental implants, this option also provides the natural look that the two previous options could offer. However, dental implant is not just about a cosmetic matter.

Once you lost the tooth, the alveolar bone that stays in the jaw which is supposed to support your tooth will be disintegrate. It could affect your face’s structure as well as the jaw itself, the joints, and also the muscles especially if other teeth begin to be missing. Replacing the tooth as soon as possible will prevent you from poor nutrition and chewing difficulty.

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The pros of dental implants

Dental implant is like a screw made of titanium with some other materials that support the artificial tooth. If you want to get the implant, it will take several steps and you need a dentist that is good enough and able to perform the procedure. You may also need to come back three or six months after the implantation in order to check if the implant is already well attached.

According to Comfort Dental Colorado Springs, implant does not need the support from the neighboring teeth like the bridges do. Thus, it will help to protect the rest of the teeth from other damages. Other than that, bone loss can be avoided since it only replaces the tooth and the root, unlike the dentures will.

Implant will also look and be functioning like the actual teeth. There is no clicking noise of difficulty on chewing and speaking which could happen if you use dentures. If you have great health condition, it is strongly recommended to choose dental implant rather than anything else to treat your lost tooth.

It is a great option for any age. No matter how old you are today, you can always go with dental implant. Dental implant is also the longest-lasting restoration for your tooth available nowadays, since it is fused into your jawbone.

But the rate of success will be lower for people with certain conditions like smokers and diabetes. Diabetic patients will experience some delay on healing for sure.

Once you get implant for your tooth, you will need to take care of it like your real teeth. You have to keep your oral hygiene and see your dentist regularly even though the implant will never get decayed. The treatment you give to your implant is supposed to make the gum tissues and surrounding teeth stay healthy after all.

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The cons of dental implants

You may start to look for dental insurance that covers implants if you consider to getting one. Of course the dental implant is considered as a safe option. But, just like any other surgery, there will be a chance of complications like infection, bleeding, and other injuries. There are several points you can keep in mind about dental implants.

Dental implant is not an instant fix. There will be multiple steps needed to complete the process. You will also need to wait up to six month in order to fuse the implant with the jawbone.  Since the gum around the implant consists of blood, tissues, and many more, the infection can happen sometimes. It could trigger the bone loss.

Some will also require additional work for the dental stuff especially if the jawbone is weakened due to osteoporosis. Besides, if there is sinus cavity then you need the sinus elevation. Those conditions need to be treated with bone graft.

The price is costly. Most dental insurances do not cover for dental implants. So, you may expect to pay for thousand dollars for one implant or as much as 10 thousand dollars if you need to replace multiple teeth at once.

However, dental implant is really reliable and safe for adult with teeth problems. More than 90% from all surgery for dental implant has been succeeded.

Treat or implant?

Implant is known about its benefits. If you need to replace the teeth then you should go with dental implant. But, if it is possible to preserve your tooth then you better try first. Other than that, the rate of succeeded surgery will be higher if the tooth is really needed to be replaced.

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Some cases can be fixed by treating and maintaining the tooth. So, if your natural teeth are still possible to be preserved then you should do it.

The verdict

It is true if dental implant is the best and the most safety option if you want to replace your lost teeth or fitting the dentures in order to get the natural look, improving the function, and preventing the bone loss. It will also help you to improve your ability to chew, speech, and of course self-esteem.

Since it can last for a lifetime, it is considered as a long-term replacement and safe for any age. In contrary, removable dentures and bridges could only last for 10 years. You can check the AARP dental insurance in case you want to know about dental insurance.

But if your teeth are not missing yet, then you better maintain them as long as possible, considering the surgery offers lots of risks.