Dental Implants Guide for Beginner

Dental Implants Guide for Beginner

SmallSmilesUSA.Com, Dental Implants Guide for Beginner – Do you want to get dental implants treatment? This is actually one of best treatment; you can choose to replace your missing tooth. Today, it has lost its popularity. But, many people still choose dental implants for solving their tooth problem. Now, before you get the treatment, you need to know about this treatment.

What is Dental Implant?

Dental implant is an artificial tooth that is placed on top of the base to replace your missing or damage tooth.

First, dentist will place the base for placing this implant. The base is placed directly on top of the jaw bone. However, to get it done, your dentist will check your condition, to see if there is enough space to place the implant. This condition also is affected the types of dental implants that you will get.

After the placement, the crown will be placed on top of it. Then, the gum will be stitch, so it will close the implant perfectly. Then, after it is healed, you can use it like what you normally use your tooth before it was damaged or missing.

Benefits of Dental Implant

The first benefit would be to replace your tooth. With this, you can get the normal function of your tooth with this implant. This is very useful for you who have problem to chew food, when you lose your tooth. The other benefit is for your appearance. Mostly, if you are losing your front teeth, most of people will lose their confidence when they experience this problem. So, with new implant, you can recover your confidence and it will affect your relation with other people.

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Type of Procedure

Dental implant can be classified as outpatient procedure. Therefore, you don’t need to spend more night at hospital or night and day dental clinic. You can go and have dental implant treatment and leave the dentist clinic on the same day. But, most of dental implants treatment will use the drug to numb your nerves. That way you won’t feel any pain, when you get the service. Because of this condition, you might unable to drive by yourself to go home. So, you may need to ask your friend or family to drive you to get the treatment.


Like mentioned above, there are many processes that you need to go through to get the dental implant installed in your mouth. Therefore, you need to consult with dentist, before you get the treatment. In fact, this is the most important part of this treatment. On the consultation stage, you will know whether you can get this treatment or not. So, make sure you choose the best dentist.

Treat the Implant

After you finish the dental implant procedure, you may have urge to touch it with your hand or tongue. But, it would be better, if you avoid this kind of act. It will only worst its condition and change its position. And, when there is some part that is opened, bacteria can enter it and cause infection. Therefore, you need to be careful here. You need to make sure it was healed and your dentist says so.

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How about when you want to clean your teeth? The answer is simple. You need to use method that won’t damage your dental implants. In fact, it would be better, if you don’t use toothbrush for few weeks. Toothbrush will only irritate the implant. The best method, that most of dentist from dental network of america suggested is using salt water. Salt water will be able to clean any plaque that may stay on your teeth. You need to use it until your dental implant is healed.

Look Closely on Your Implant Condition

Any change or event that happens to your dental implants is important. You can’t think that when your dental implants is bleeding or swelling, that is not a problem. Any change in your dental implants, whether you accidentally caused it or it is because other factor, you need to contact your dentist. Report and consult about this condition, so you can get advanced dental care to deal with the problem.

Be Patience

Dental implants need months to heal. It will need around six months, so the dental implant can perfectly set on your jawbone. Some people can be healed within weeks. Mostly, it’s because they have good bone condition. So, after you get the treatment, do not expect that you can use it normally. Wait patiently until it healed.

Removable Tooth

When you get dental implant treatment, you also can ask for removable tooth. This will make you easier to remove and clean the artificial tooth. This removable tooth is also easy to remove, which make it has potential risk to fall off of your mouth, when you are not careful. The dental implants are much stronger, because it was glued to the base of the implant on your jawbone. So, it’s up to you.

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What You Need to Do After Getting Dental Implants?

What we are talking about here, is how you care your dental implant. It’s actually easy. Here is what you need to do.

  • Follow your dentist direction, including taking medication that  your dentist give to you,

  • Rest after the dental implant surgery, so your body can heal naturally and faster,

  • Drink lot of water. This is useful to make your mouth from drying, so it won’t damage your dental implant,

  • Avoid tobacco product and alcohol. It would be better you stop them, because they only give you negative effect for your health.

  • Eat healthy food and avoid unhealthy food. Healthy food will help to boost your body metabolism, so the healing process will be much faster.

If you know everything that mentioned above, basically you won’t get any problem with your dental implant. You will get the tooth replacement that you need, and your dental implant also can work like what you want. And, do not forget dental insurance that covers implants as well. This will help you to save more money to get this treatment