Dental Implants Insurance and Process

Dental Implants Insurance and Process

Dental Implants Insurance and Process – Dental implants have many functions for people who are using it. Beside it can help them to get their chewing ability back; the implant also can help them to get more confidence with their appearance. It helps them to have better social relationship. However, similar to other health treatment, the common problem that you will face here is the cost to get dental health services for dental implant.

The Cost for Having Dental Implants Treatment

Compared to other dental treatment, dental implant is quite expensive. You need to pay from $1,600 to $8,200 for each tooth where you want to place the dental implant. But, that was only average rate of the cost you need to pay. The price can easily changes depend on several factor, for example the location where you want to place the dental implant to the amount of teeth that you want to replace with it.

More than that, if you want to add some cosmetic procedure, you might be charged with more prices for this treatment.

Actually, you can solve the expensive cost problem with using insurance. The dental insurance that covers implants usually can help you to reduce the price. However, most of insurance only cover for the main treatment. For extra treatment, such as cosmetic procedure and such, you may need to pay it from your own pocket. In worst case, your dental insurance doesn’t even cover for dental implants. If it happens, you will have more problems with the cost you need to pay.

What You Should Notice from Your Dental Insurance

Of course, the first thing you need to see is the coverage it offered. Make sure it has dental implants as one of its coverage. If your insurance doesn’t have this, you don’t need to worry. Just use internet to find another financial plan for dental implants. There are many of them, so you can get help for your budget problem here.

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You also need to understand, dental insurance won’t give you full coverage. Even though it has dental implants, you need to pay other treatment. More than that, you also need to check your insurance limit. Make sure it hasn’t passed your annual maximum limit. This is the limit that company that issued your insurance can spend for you a year. If it has already passed the limit, you may need to pay everything from your own money.

The Reimbursement Option

Check the reimbursement option. This is important, if you face another problem in the middle of your treatment process. You won’t lose too much money with this option. However, some of you maybe don’t understand how to find all of these information and even what are they. If you face this kind of problem, do not hesitate to call your insurance company. Ask everything that you want to know. If they are good and trusted company, they will help you.

The other help that you can get is your dentist. They know more about what kind of treatment that you need and the right plan for cover that dental implant treatment. Most of dentist in dental network of america has this information and willing to help you. They may also help you to know more, if your insurance policy can cover the procedure you are going to get from your dentist.

The other tricky information you need to know from your dental insurance is the exclusion clause. This is the exception for the dental treatment that won’t be covered by your insurance. Unfortunately, this point is usually hidden among many points in your insurance policy. The treatment that is included in this list will be excluded and you won’t get it covered.

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Procedure Type

The other important thing when you use this insurance is looking at the type of procedure for dental implants you will get. When you want to reimburse, you need to classify your treatment as “restoration”. If you call it as “surgical therapy”, you won’t get the reimbursement. Basically, you need to check and recheck all information about what you can get from your insurance. Therefore, you won’t get any problem when you need to use dental implant treatment. And make sure that the insurance company also can give you help to night and day dental service that you need. Therefore, whenever you need to treatment, you will get it anytime you want it.

How to Get Dental Implants

Now, after you know how to deal with the insurance, you need to know how to get dental implant treatment that you need. For this one, there are some steps you need to follow. And to finish it until its last steps, usually need 5 months. Here they are.

Choosing the Dental Implant type

There are several types of dental implants treatment that you can get, such as:

  • The implant – the part that placed on your jaw bones.

  • The Abutment – this is the base that connects the implant and crown.

  • The restoration – this is the crown part that connected to abutment.

First Consultation

First, you need to get consultation. Visit your prosthodontist or dentist that specializes in dental implants treatment. They will examine your tooth and jaw bones condition to find out, if you can get the implant that you need.

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Tooth Extraction

This is where your tooth will be removed. This is for the decaying tooth. This can be done by general dentist.

Implant Placement

This is the process where prosthodontist placing the implant onto your jawbone. Of course, this process can be done after examination before.

Healing Collar Placement

After implant placement and it fused with your jawbone, your surgeon will place healing collar on top of it. This is needed, to heal the tissue around your implant. Then after it healed, abutment and temporary crown will be placed.

Crown Placement

After four to six weeks, the temporary crown will be removed. And your dentist will place the permanent crown. Now, you just need to wait for few months until it healed perfectly. Then, you can use it.

Those were what you need to know about the process of dental implant treatment and the insurance you can use. Now, you can get the solution for your tooth problem, as well as the way to get it at the best price.