Does Physicians Mutual Dental Insurance Cover Teeth Whitening?

Does Physicians Mutual Dental Insurance Cover Teeth Whitening?

SmallSmilesUSADoes Physicians Mutual Dental Insurance Cover Teeth Whitening? – Teeth are the small part of body, but it have big role to the body health. Problematic teeth could cause to bigger problem for the whole body. In example, rotten tooth, especially which had left big mole on it, can affect to the body nerve. It is because the teeth gum contained of many nerves which connected to other nerve in the body. Therefore some people who felt toothache might feel headache too, since the nerve between teeth and head are connected. In addition, pregnant woman shouldn’t have toothache since it will affect to the baby’s health. In conclusion, maintaining the teeth’s health is very important matter, and people should visit dentist minimum once per 6 month, to check the condition of their teeth. It also suggested to have physicians mutual dental insurance in order to cover the big amount of payment to the teeth control.

– Aside from keeping the teeth health, to maintain the white color it should also be considered. It is because people teeth would change it color from white to brownish, with the bad eating habit. Especially for the hard alcohol drinkers and also smokers, thus habit can make the changing color on teeth faster. Brushing the teeth using whitening toothpaste, indeed, is a simple way and most people do. But it won’t be enough if the bad eating habit still continue every day. In order to solve this problem, dentist had invented the technology namely ‘bleaching’ which will make your teeth brighter. It will be the quickest way to make your teeth shining bright as you never seen before. However, the fact that the price for it is quite high and might unbearable by certain people, then can physicians mutual dental insurance cover it?

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– Like mentioned in the first paragraph before that physicians mutual dental insurance can cover the price of dental check as well as dental treatment, but it can’t be used for teeth whitening. In fact, any kinds and types of insurance is unable to cover the teeth whitening treatment. It is because the teeth whitening is considered as the personal need of people and doesn’t really affect to the health so much. Most of people want to have their teeth whitened only for self-esteem and for increasing their personal confidence. Therefore, with this personal reason, none of any insurance able to cover the teeth whitening treatment. Patient should cover the whole payment of bleaching by themselves.

– Asides from talking about the physicians mutual dental insurance which doesn’t cover the payment for teeth whitening, let us talk more about what is it. Teeth whitening or namely as bleaching, is the process to clean the teeth from the stains covered the teeth and make it white. Teeth whitening (bleaching) using gel peroxide, but everything is safe because the dose is also safe. The whole process to do it approximately will take 2 hours which divided into 4 session. So before the gums need to be protected because in fact if it wounds the gums that make so sensitive. When bleaching is done, first gel peroxide is applied directly in the mouth, usually on the front teeth.After that, the tooth is shined by using a plasma beam and every 20 minutes stops. Then the gel smeared back and shined again for 20 minutes.

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Then after the teeth got bleached, its color will be until 10 times brighter than before bleaching. The result actually depend on the condition of each patient. Patient which had the darker teeth color can get the teeth brighter but may be not as brighter as patient which had clean teeth even before bleaching process. Like bad smokers would leave darker stain on their teeth which can be brighter but not as shiner as the non-smokers. However, bleaching can still give good impact for the health of teeth, and prevent from the rotten teeth caused by food stain. Therefore it is really recommended for those who had bad drinking and smoking habit, should bleach their teeth minimum once, to keep the teeth shiny. But since physicians mutual dental insurance couldn’t cover the fee for it, then save some money before doing it.

– Aside from the fact that teeth whitening isn’t covered by physicians mutual dental insurance, but there are many benefits of bleaching. Based on the fact that people who had bad teeth condition (either the dark color or unorganized teeth), will likely lazy to speak since they didn’t feel confidence at all about their teeth condition. In addition, dark teeth color can also make the mouth smell bad, which will make people feel more uncomfortable and not confidence. Conversely, having good teeth with bright color will increase the confident and self-esteem even more, and the problem like having bad mouth smell can also disappear along with the lost of the black stain.

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Even though physicians mutual dental insurance doesn’t cover teeth whitening, but mind that it still cover the treatment for teeth. The insurance is aimed to help people treat and protect their beautiful smile with the affordable installment each month. The installment price approximately is $1 per day, which means $30 per month. This amount is really suitable for every people, so that you can do teeth checking and treatment minimum once per 6 month. Now you don’t need to worry anymore about the healthiness of your teeth and mouth condition, since the affordable insurance installment will help you to cover the price you should pay for, and keep your teeth in best condition in the hand of good dentist.

With the affordable of physicians mutual dental insurance, it also provided 350 types of dental procedures. Even though the procedure for bleaching doesn’t get covered by it, but the other dental procedures will meet your need to keep the healthiness of your teeth. Now you can always smile confidently and get your self-esteem back, which will affect to your good performance in the day and in any of your activity. You can always smile to everyone, and talk to people in free without afraid of the bed smell from your teeth anymore. However, even though your teeth are in the best condition, but it is recommended to decrease bad eating habit like drinking alcohol and smoking.