How to Get Whiter Teeth in a Day

How to Get Whiter Teeth in a Day

Whiter teeth in a day is all people dream off. For you who have some difficulties in achieving your white teeth may want to know how to whiten your teeth in a real quick speed like in one day. You want to know the recipe, the secret recipe, of having whiter teeth. Actually you can avoid the yellow teeth if you know about the causes. The causes of the yellow teeth are mostly because of the wrong habits of consuming food and drink. Such as fast food and any oil food will leave some crust on your teeth. Consuming sweets and cake will lead to some stain on your teeth. Some types of drinks like soda, tea, coffee also lead your teeth to change its color. Furthermore, if you are a smoker that can consume more than one box of cigarette then your teeth will definitely get yellow.

Thus if you don’t want to get a dark and yellow color stick on your teeth, then it will be better for you if you can avoid those drinks and foods. But if you already have a yellow teeth and want to handle the problem in a real fast time then there two option for you. First you can go to your dentist and discuss about your teeth problem or second you can hold your problems by yourself. If you decide to do both of the options then it will give a better result for you in achieving whiter teeth on one day. If you want to get a real quick time to get the whitened teeth then you may choose to do bleaching. Bleaching is one day treatment where you can get your white teeth in a real quick time. It is because the bleaching only needs one hour to do the treatment and four weeks to get the final result.

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Accustom the new habit with natural toothpaste

While if you are a person who has hard-time in using chemical product then the beaching method is definitely not your choice. On the contrary you can choose to use natural toothpaste. You may do not know before that the way you use toothpaste holds an important role. You may only applying the toothpaste that you know can achieving whiter teeth on one day that you can find in a store while actually it doesn’t give any effect for you. It is only an advertisement that usually present by the toothpaste product. The fact is now you can get your own toothpaste that can whiten your teeth for real. The toothpaste is not a lie. You only need to use natural things to make it.

In achieving whiter teeth on one day, you don’t have to think it hard. You can get your whiten teeth gradually if you follow this steps at your home. It is about employing the natural things. These natural things that as a power to regain your white teeth is baking soda, lemon, strawberry, salt, and coconut oil. You don’t have to mix it all in order to make natural toothpaste. But you only need some of them, small amount of other, to be mixed as one. The first is using the combination of strawberry and baking soda with a help of small amount of salt. The combination of three things can help you to remove the yellow teeth away.

Then you can try to use the combination of the baking soda and lemon. This natural toothpaste can help you to get your whiten teeth as well. What you have to well is doing it routinely. You can use the new toothpaste that you make by your own for your brushing teeth time. The result of this method may not directly be seen in one day but it surely safer and healthier than any other method. Your white teeth will naturally appear time by time with a natural color as well. Though, in achieving whiter teeth on one day, may not obtain for this method, but you can definitely try this one.

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Whiter teeth in a day with the secret recipe

If you still one to know about the one that can give a quick result in getting whiter teeth in a day, then this other steps may help you. First is using whitening strips where you can apply it on the surface of your teeth for several times the hydrogen peroxide inside the strips may remove the stains. Then, you can try to use paint-on or brush-on-formulas that you can apply before you sleep as another alternative. The last is you can try the at-home trays that you get from your dentist. The kits you get may help you to take your white teeth back.