Internal Tooth Bleaching For Whitening Process

Internal Tooth Bleaching For Whitening Process

Today, there are lots of different ways when it comes to whiten the teeth. However, the main decisions that must be made are either you want to purchase the whitening products or choosing the much more expensive of professional process that is commonly offered by the cosmetic dentists. One of the options must be internal tooth bleaching. For those who are newbie, you probably haven’t known yet in detail about this method. Read this article as your guide before going to dentist.

Things to know about internal tooth bleaching

Generally, the internal tooth bleaching is only the choices for the tooth whitening if people have nerve removed from the tooth. In order to bleach the tooth from inside, the dentists have to drill the hole in the tooth. After that, the internal tooth bleaching technique is continued with inserting the bleaching agents toward inside your tooth. The bleach will be left inside the tooth for certain period of the time: it is generally for one week or so. This technique is done before it is being removed and the hole will be filled. However, you have to know that the internal bleaching is not always claimed as the effective method specifically for only once method. Thus, this is usually done repeatedly.

Usually, the method for the tooth whitening will be chosen by the dentist that depends largely on the reasons why the teeth become discolored. Also, the reasons for choosing internal tooth bleaching is considering how worse the kind of discoloration. Either you have or not any kind of prosthetic teeth is important consideration instead of the recent condition of the teeth. It must be noted that there are particular people who are not advisable for using the whitening products for their teeth. Those can be the women who are during the pregnancy period or when the teeth are in really poor condition. Thus, taking the advices from dental profession is truly essential before doing internal bleaching. This is also mainly purposed to make sure that internal bleaching is best whitening process for you.

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Commonly, the special case of the tooth with internal tooth bleaching procedure is done on front tooth which is following root canal treatments. For this case, the internal tooth bleaching will include drilling the hole to get the access toward cavity of the tooth. Whitening agent is applied toward the tooth on the hole which has been drilled. It must be closed by using temporary filling. You have to know that the whitening agent is a kind of strong peroxide. By using this procedure, the cosmetic dentists would review the case after around three days for the application of whitening agent. Probably, it decides for replacing that with the new patch of string peroxide. This technique will be repeated for about two or three time or until the desirable result has been reached. As the desired colors are reached, the cosmetic dentists would remove any kind of whitening agents from inside of tooth. Then, it will be sealed by using the filling which is permanent.

The advantages and disadvantages of internal tooth bleaching

The advantage of internal tooth bleaching is variously. One of those is the single discolored tooth would be efficiently whitened. Unluckily, there is also some numbers of disadvantages. This internal bleaching can’t be applied on more than one tooth at the time.

Others is the internal bleaching only can be suitable on particular cases. Besides, the final color of your tooth probably will not match with others neighboring teeth. The internal tooth bleaching is probably also requiring the root canal treatments before whitening is applied.

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As has been mentioned before, the internal tooth bleaching cost is probably rather pricey since it only can be done by professional dentist. It means that you can do it by yourself in home. Although the budget for internal tooth bleaching is rather higher, you will get what you are looking for.