One Hour Teeth Whitening Process

One Hour Teeth Whitening Process

One hour teeth whitening can be achieved by two points. First is using chemical product treatment ad second using natural treatment. For you who haven’t know about the whitening teeth process, the whitening process is an action of getting whiter your teeth due to the changing color that happen on your teeth. The changing color from white to yellow or darker color can happen because of several causes. It can happen because of your age, because of your health teeth condition and may come due to your habits.

The bad habits is like you consume some unhealthy foods or drinks, or because of the cigarette that you blow up.

one hour teeth whitening

Knowing closer about the teeth whitening

One hour whitening teeth may be achieved if you know what the teeth-whitening is. The whitening-teeth is a way of lightening your natural color teeth without changing your teeth. It can be done because of a help of teeth treatment. If you have white teeth, it will increase your confidence when you have brighten-teeth that appear when you smile. Mostly people uses bleaching methods that can provide a quick result in getting the whitened-teeth while the other way present the natural one that gives you a natural white color that will surely not hurt your teeth condition.

The bleaching as one hour teeth whitening treatment

If you are the one who is interest to do the bleaching one, then you may get a gel or a rubber shield that stick on your teeth then your teeth will be applied with a whitening product, usually uses the chemical one, and placed it on your teeth. The bleaching is mostly used by many people who want to get their teeth be whitened. The secret is because the bleaching method gives a fast result. The treatment that you need to go through is only one hour, may decrease depend on the condition of your teeth. So it is really one hour whitening teeth.

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Though the bleaching is one hour whitening teeth, it still needs four or three weeks later to see the perfect result. If you decide to use the bleaching one then you may have to see your dentist more often. Probably you will meet them two or more after the first meeting. When you meet the doctor for the second time, they will give you a mouth guard then they can start the main treatment. Usually after getting the treatment you may get several following other treatments that can increase the result faster. The first thing is the laser whitening or is known as power whitening. The way how it works out is firstly by applying the rubber dam on your teeth. This tool has a function to protect your gum from being injury.

Then the bleaching product is applied on your teeth. After that, the laser goes to your teeth and shines your teeth with is light. You will get around five laser-light on your teeth to get faster result. One hour whitening teeth may be done in a real quick time but you don’t have to worry about the durability of your white teeth since the white teeth can remain the same for three years long. Though this method sounds safe, the chemical product that is used along with the treatment may give you a side effect such as uncomfortable things. Your teeth may get sensitive after having the bleaching.

Or your teeth may get a little itchy and sick after having the bleaching but it can temporary lost after time by time. But if you still feel uncomfortable on your teeth then you have to call your dentist soon and discuss your teeth. Above all, though you may interest with the one hour teeth whitening method, you should have still considered about your teeth health. It will be beet if you can the one that gives no harmful side for you.

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