Recommended Universities and Schools to Study Dental Hygiene

Recommended Universities and Schools to Study Dental Hygiene

SmallSmilesUSA, Recommended Universities and Schools to Study Dental HygieneTo be a dental hygienist, you must continue your education in the right school. For those who want to find reference to continue study in dental medicine, just check the list of dental medicine schools below. As the result, you can be a professional dental hygienist in the future to practice your skills and knowledge to help each other.

University of Dental Medicine in Colorado

If you have a plan to stay in Colorado or you are the citizen of Colorado who wants to continue your study to be a dental hygienist, you may take University of Colorado School of dental medicine. The location of this university is on the Anschutz Medical Campus in the city of Aurora. In fact, this university is the only dental school in Colorado. You can choose 5 different dental programs such as doctor of dental surgery, international student program, general practice residency, graduate program for orthodontics, and graduate program for periodontics. The time to finish the study is various and it depends on the program you take. For those who take doctor of dental surgery, you can finish the study for about 4 years. As a foreigner, you can take international student program and you have to spend around 2 years. General practice residency is the shortest study period in which you just need to spend a year to finish it. You need to spend time around 30 months and 36 months if you take orthodontics and periodontics graduate programs. University of Colorado School of dental medicine is also ready to provide you with online courses for those who want to continue their study on dental medicine while making money. The main purpose is to create professional and skillful dentist including dental hygienist to improve the oral health of people across the United States. To be a student of this university, you have to follow specific requirements such as following the prerequisite requirements based on the courses, dental admission test, dental shadowing requirements, and interview. You can read the complete information about how to apply as a student by visiting its official website.

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University of Dental Medicine in Minnesota

University of Minnesota dental school is also ready to welcome students with passion to be a professional dental hygienist. You can choose 4 different programs such as doctor of dental surgery program, dental therapy program, dental hygiene program, graduate and advanced programs. Let say, you want to be a dental hygienist it means you have to take dental hygiene program and choose whether you want to study bachelor of science or master of science. As the student of Bachelor of Science in the dental hygiene, you have an opportunity to finish your study in 3 years instead of 4 years. There are 7 admission requirements you have to complete if you want to apply to this program. Those are prerequisite courses, entrance test, high school course preparation, admission criteria, English proficiency, diversity statement, and immune policy. If you want to be a dental hygienist just makes sure that you are able to finish at least 1 year of pre requisite courses such as in anatomy, biochemistry, biology, chemistry, phycology, and many more. You have to consider the same process if you want to take Master of Science in which you have to complete all the admission requirements first. For example, the applicants have to be graduated from a school program in the dental hygiene, a bachelor degree, minimal GPA 3.0, and many more. One more important thing you have to complete is resume submission.

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University of the Pacific Dental School

If you want some more references, you can also take university of the pacific dental school as your consideration. This university has great programs such as DDS program, residency and graduate programs, IDS program, and dental hygiene program. To register as a student of dental hygiene, you have to be a freshman student majoring pre dental hygiene. You also have to complete the pre requisites courses. Just make sure that your GPA is at least 2.7. The decision whether you are approved or not will be decided in the interview session. The dental hygiene curriculum is also various and it will be a challenging courses for you. Let say, you have to learn about oral radiology, dental anatomy, head and neck anatomy, periodontics, biochemistry, pharmacology,  and even nutrition. After a few times, you have to complete direct practice in the dental hygiene clinic under a supervision of the expert dental.

The Other Dental Hygiene Schools Option

Besides those three references above, you can still find several trusted dental medicine universities or dental schools. For example, there is vcu dental school and roseman dental school. Those two dental hygiene schools provide you with various departments such as endodontics, general practice, orthodontics, periodontics, prosthodontics, and many more. The final goal is to produce high quality students who are ready to face real oral health and tooth problems especially in the United States.

Time to Finish Dental Hygiene Programs

The time to finish dental hygiene program is various. It depends on the type of program you choose. The fastest time to finish the study is one year in which you just have to follow short dental trainings and courses. The longest time to finish dental hygiene study is around 2 years up to 4 years. Then, you still have to take specific test to take dental hygiene proficiency. If you are asking about how long does it take to become a dental hygienist? You need to calculate it from 1 year up to 4 years in dental hygienist school and more time to take dental hygienist license. When the study is finished and you are graduated, you have to work with dentist, oral health care, cleaning teeth of your patients, and many more. You will be placed around private dental offices, hospitals, public health clinics, dental schools, research facilities, and many more. How much money you can earn as a dental hygienist? The annual salary of dental hygienist is various but the average is around $72.910 per year.

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So, if you really want to be a professional dental hygienist, start the process now. The first thing to do is choosing the best universities or schools which provide you with dental hygiene program. Follow the requirements and finish all the courses.