The Truth About Dental Teeth Whitening

The Truth About Dental Teeth Whitening, The Truth About Dental Teeth WhiteningDental teeth whitening is famous part of cosmetic dentistry. Many people are willing to spend pay for this procedure in their aim to desire to have a bright and noticeable smile all the time. However, not all interested people can receive this treatment. This is not prescribed by dentists when concerned patients have highly sensitive gums and teeth. Pushing through with the treatment in this case could only open the possibilities for serious dental problems.

In this light, consulting a specialist must first be done before jumping into any procedure which promises the lightening of your teeth color. The market place offers the best teeth whitening kits you can think of. While some of them are proven effective in accordance to the purpose for which they were created, not all of them are proven safe to anyone’s dental health. In fact, the selling of these products has become a growing business that made profits from the pockets of numerous consumers. These do-it-yourself kits involve chemicals which must be applied or used under the supervision of a trained specialist. You are most likely to put your gums and teeth at risk if you will go on with the procedure on your own.

Now, what are the things you ought to expect from dental teeth whitening done by a professional? Firstly, your gums and teeth will be examined for sensitivity issues. Then, they will be inspected for tartar build-ups. Affected areas must be cleaned and treated first before the whitening procedure is done. The surface of the teeth will be cleansed from any kind of deposit with the use of pumice. Your tongue, lips and cheeks must not be touched by the chemical solution that will be used in the procedure. In connection to this, retractors may be used. Moving forward, barriers will be used for the protection of your gum line.

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Hydrogen peroxide or a carbamide peroxide solution is often used to bleaching the surface of your teeth. Laser, also known as curing light, is used as an activating medium so that the chemical could start on the bleaching process. It is advisable that the solution be allowed to seep deep into the teeth for an hour. Reapplication may be required when your teeth did not lighten in any away. However, there is a limit to this reapplication because the chemical can harm the enamel badly. Afterwards, your teeth will be rinsed completely with flowing water to remove any chemical residue. The entire procedure may be repeated in a later time if your desired result is not achieved.

There are certain practices which you must observe after undergoing a dental teeth whitening procedure. Within twenty-four hours, it is advisable to quit drinking and eating products which can discolor your teeth. These are the likes of coffee, red wine, tea and meals which are tomato-based. Do you smoke? If you do, you must quit it the soonest possible time for the sake of your pearly whites. Eat fruits and vegetables which are crunchy. Biting on them can naturally remove teeth stains.