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Things About The Treatment Of Dentures

Things About The Treatment Of Dentures

SmallSmilesUSA.Com, Things About The Treatment Of Dentures – Dentures are categorized as health aids, whose function is to replace missing teeth. Dentures are usually used by the elderly, where their teeth are no longer due to age, but lately not only the elderly use them but also young adults. This is not surprising because in fact the dentures have existed since 700 AD and the progression of dentures in the medical world is also growing and then creating a denture variant. Like a real tooth that must have treatment then dentures too, simple way, you can see the explanation.

Treatment Of Dentures
Things About The Treatment Of Dentures

Things About The Treatment Of Dentures

Permanent Dentures

Need to remember permanent dentures are done by the dentist and cannot be removed. There are several types of permanent dentures

1. Dental implants

Dental implant dentures are permanent dentures that can stand alone without the help of other teeth, this is because dental implants are implanted into the gum so that the teeth are able to stand alone and function like the original teeth.

The Treatment Of Dentures
Dental implants

There are two parts of the dental implant, namely the root of the tooth and the crown of the tooth. The first thing to do is the root of the tooth that is placed directly on the gums and jawbone. After the artificial roots are strong, then the second part of the tooth is crowned. The distance between the installation of roots and crowns of teeth is about one and a half months.

2. Crown

The Treatment Of Dentures
Fake crown teeth

For cases of porous and broken teeth, fake crown teeth are the right choice.

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The crown will only replace broken teeth at the top or only in the crown section and not accompanied by tooth roots. So, the root of the tooth will be retained and there is no need to pull teeth.

3. Bridge

The Treatment Of Dentures
Bridge teeth

Bridge teeth are different from implant teeth, if implant teeth are implanted in the gums and use artificial roots, it is different from bridges. This type of denture utilizes the teeth next to it to be used as a handle so it must reduce the size of the teeth next to it.

Detachable Denture

Detachable Denture
Detachable Denture

In general, there are three types of removable denture models.

1. Acrylic

This type is the oldest and most commonly used. The use of acrylic makes it look thick. The wire will stick to another tooth, which functions as a support.

2. Valplast

This type of denture is flexible in texture, and is installed without wire. Thermoplastic materials are used for these dentures. So it is more comfortable than the acrylic model, when paired.

3. Metal frame

The model is almost the same as the type of acrylic, because it still relies on wire as a buffer. But because it is made of metal, dentures are thinner than acrylic.

How To Treat Detachable Dentures

How To Treat Detachable Dentures
How To Treat Detachable Dentures

1. Remove and clean the teeth after eating

If the original teeth after eating on the toothbrush also need to clean the same reason so that the rest of the food does not stick continuously and becomes smelly, the dentures must be removed and cleaned with a special cleanser. The cleaning method can be soaked in warm water and dissolved with a special cleanser that can be purchased at a pharmacy or according to your dentist’s prescription.

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Permanent Dentures
Permanent Dentures

2. Remove dentures for at least 6 hours a day

Using dentures, not too long, the reason is that the mouth also needs time to breathe without teeth being removed. At least remove the dentures for about 6 hours per day.

3. Keep your dentures clean

Keeping teeth and dentures always hygienic is very good for hygiene and oral and gum health. Immediately clean the denture regularly if removed and want to be reattached to avoid germs and bacteria sticking to the denture.

4. Soak fake teeth overnight

When the night is right before you go to bed, you should remove the dentures and soak them in warm water so that the dentures don’t dry out and wrinkle. Wait until morning and clean again if you want to use it.

5. Don’t brush with toothpaste

Dentures should not be cleaned using tooth paste because the content in the toothpaste is also different so it does not match the dentures with ordinary teeth. Avoid rough toothbrushes because they can cause wear because the dentures are 10 times softer than the original teeth.

6. Avoid hard and too acidic foods

Just like normal teeth, dentures also should not be used to chew hard food if you do it You can imagine if your dentures suddenly come loose and broken. Avoid foods that are too acidic because they can cause abrasion in the teeth.

7. Check with the dentist regularly

To avoid things that are worse, check your oral and gum health regularly at the dentist. This is also to avoid the possibility of dentures causing the gums to swell and redden, if it has already happened, you should avoid using it first. Dentures can be checked regularly every 6 weeks. Good and correct treatment of dentures can last up to 5 years.


That is information about the care of dentures, the main thing is that we always pay attention to cleanliness and don’t forget to maintain our lifestyle such as avoiding cigarettes and other things that endanger your health and dentures.