Tooth Whitening Gel Side Effects

There are lots of people around the world who need to whiten their teeth. However, most of them do not know the side effects of using particular products for whitening the effects. Potentially, there will be unhealthy side effects. One of certain product must be using tooth whitening gel. Before deciding to purchase the tooth whitening gel, it will be better if you know the tooth whitening gel side effects.

Tooth whitening gel side effects (the main side effects)

One of tooth whitening gel main side effects is it can increase the sensitivity of the tooth. It is one of most commonly side effects which will be experienced as the tooth are exposed to the extreme temperatures. The tooth whitening gel side effects of the sensitivity can be experienced as you are eating hot soup or ice cream. Luckily, this is just temporary and this would stop times after you have ended the treatment courses with the whitening gels. The toothpaste which contains peroxide for the improved whitening does not use the high enough concentration of the peroxide for causing these side effects on most of people.

tooth whitening gel side effects

Others tooth whitening gel side effects must be gum irritation. It is potentially caused by getting powerful chemical which is used on whitening gels that contact directly to the gums. Mostly, the professional that handles teeth whitening treatment at their office will use the trays in custom fitted. This is used for holding whitening gels that are contact with the teeth, when keeping this away from the gums.

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Since the types of at home whitening products are using one size that fits the whole trays, you can expose easily the gums to bleaching agent. This can be done by filling the trays with too much gel. However, you can carefully follow the direction of whitening gel product that you have been purchased exactly as those are written. Don’t apply more than the small teardrop sized for the amount of gel to the trays. This step can help you in avoiding gum irritation as one of tooth whitening gel side effects.

For less common and avoided easily the tooth whitening gel side effects includes the stomach irritations and nausea because swallowing the gels. By this, limiting the amount that you will use and also simply avoiding eating and drinking when whitening can prevent this one. Unluckily, the side effect which is harder to avoid is the tooth sensitivity.

Tooth whitening gel side effects (tooth sensitivity)

The whitening gel which uses the strong peroxide for bleaching enamels of the teeth also can open up the pores on structure of the teeth as tooth whitening gel unhealthy side effects. It also exposes inner dentin layers to the drink and food. Dentin is commonly made up from the tiny tubes which are called as dentinal tubules. The peroxide can cause the chemical reaction which opens up those tubes. It is what is exposing the roots nerve of the teeth to the external temperatures influences. Even, the cold winter air also can cause the painful sensitivity if people are suffering from these tooth whitening gel side effects. The pain would pass when the teeth nerve and the dentin cool or warm back toward the body temperatures. However, the discomforts can be the wonderful annoyance.

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For those who have already suffered from the tooth whitening gel side effects sensitive teeth, you can use the good restorative toothpaste for improving the structures of the teeth as well as reducing the sensitivity as tooth whitening gel side effects before starting a kind of at home whitening procedure. Alternatively, you can consider using the whitening gel with the reduced concentration of the peroxide. This can be the effective way for avoiding the sensitivity.