What Does Dental Hygienist Do?

What Does Dental Hygienist Do?

SmallSmilesUSA, What Does Dental Hygienist Do?How long does it take to become a dental hygienist? This can be one of so many questions that people make about the dental hygienist. It is necessary to know about the time taken for preparation so people can be ready following the process to be dental hygienist. When people are talking about dental health, preventative act will be better than treating the teeth problem. This is what people will do as dental hygienist. The dental hygienist will play important role for cleaning the teeth. Moreover, the dental hygienist will also have the role for examining the disease sign and damage in the mouth. The hygienist even will teach the patients about the way for maintaining the oral health. Let’s find out further about this occupation in dental service.


There is no doubt that dental hygienist can be found a lot in the dental network of america. It must be interesting to know more about some facts associated with the dental hygienist career. Full time dental hygienist will get median yearly salary about $73,000 in 2016 while the part time one got about $35 per hour. If people are asking about the amount of people who are working as dental hygienist, there are more than 200,000 people in this field. There are some dental hygienists who are working part time in several dental practices.


There is no way people can be dental hygienist who works for night and day dental service if they do not understand about the duties they have as dental hygienist. By understanding the duties, people can deliver the best service for the patients. Usually the duty will include the completion of preliminary examination on the new patients. The patient teeth X-ray needs to be taken and developed for being used by the dentist and this is the duty of dental hygienist. The dental hygienist must also educate the patients about the procedure as well as treatment of the dental office. There are more and more things which must be done by dental hygienist including completing the dental prophylaxis to stocking needed supplies as well as maintaining the equipment. It is also dental hygienist job for evaluating the overall oral health of the patient. Local anesthetics will also be administered by the dental hygienist. The hygienist will also make the chart of treatment, condition, disease, and also decay based on dentist recommendation.

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Steps to Become Dental Hygienist

People maybe will look for the major of dental hygiene at university of colorado school of dental medicine because they understand that they need correct education background for being dental hygienist. Yes, people need to graduate from the accredited school of dental hygiene if they want to be dental hygienist. The common school will offer the associate degree for this major. However, people can also find the certificate, bachelor, as well as master degree of this major. The graduation is just a start because they still need to look for license from the local dental board of the state they want to work as dental hygienist. There will be written and clinical exam which must be passed.

Soft Skills Needed

Occupation as dental hygienist will need some soft skills beside the degree as well as license. The candidate must be compassion with the desire for helping people in need for the dental hygienist. Manual dexterity will also be needed because as dental hygienist, they need fine motor skills for grasping the tools and working inside the mouth of the patients. Of course, dental hygienist will deal a lot with the patients so they surely need interpersonal skills for making the patients feel comfortable. Attention to detail is a must for dental hygienist. It is necessary for noticing the stain and detecting potential problem of dental health that needs attention from the dentist. Physical stamina will also be needed because they will spend long time on the feet and also bending when handling the patients.

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Expectation from Employers

If people want to build career as dental hygienist, of course they need to make sure that they fulfill the expectation from the employers. There will be technical skills specified for the workers in this field after all. From the latest job announcement, it seems like the employers are looking for the dental hygienist who has the desire to enhance their skill with new and even cutting technology in dental hygiene. Well presented as well as professional in demeanor becomes other factors expected by the employers. Because dental work needs team work, the hygienist must be kind of team player with personality that is outgoing. Passionate in helping other people surely cannot be separated from the employer’s expectation in the medical service including dental service. It is necessary for making sure that requirements are paid attention greatly to be successful as dental hygienist.

Dental Hygienist vs. Dental Assistants

There can be so many questions which people have before they decide to attend dental hygienist school. It is sure that people need to understand about the difference between the dental hygienist and also dental assistant. The same thing about both jobs is that they will work in the dental practice under the supervision of the dentist. Various kinds of difference can be found from the duties, requirement of education, and of course earnings. The hours of the work will also be different as well. Dental assistant has duty for escorting the patients to the exam as well as treatment rooms. The examination as well as procedure preparation will be handled by the dental assistant. The instrument must be sterilized and handed to dentist by the assistant. The assistant will also schedule the appointment and also keep the medical record. It is possible for them to take and develop the X-ray but the dental assistant will not do things done by the dental hygienist such as cleaning or examining the teeth of patients. Compared to the dental hygienist, the dental assistant will not spend too much time for preparing the career. Dental hygienist usually is not full time job while dental assistant is generally full time so the salary of dental assistant slightly higher than dental hygienist.

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