White Teeth Make Your Looks More Beautiful

Looks Younger Because Of White Teeth

A smile is one form of human expression. A smile can influence the environment around you. White teeth make your smile can more attractive. There is a study says that white teeth make a person look younger. Even in the UK, white teeth showing wealth and status. White teeth also indicate that you are an educated person. There are other studies say that white teeth can enhance one’s attractiveness by 20%. Both men and women can be attracted to each other because has natural white teeth.

The color of teeth also shows a person’s age, health, disease, diet, and disease in childhood. The state of teeth in women can be used to assess age, fertility rates, and how far the women of menopause. Caring for white teeth is also an investment and lifestyle. Lack of attention in caring and cleaning teeth, many people have stained teeth and lightly browned.

Whiten Teeth Naturally

Whiten Teeth Naturally

To get white teeth naturally, you do not need to come to the dentist. The high cost of teeth whitening makes a lot of people choose to use natural ingredients. There are four kinds of teeth color levels, namely A (teeth with a yellowish color), B (white teeth), C (teeth with gray color), and D (teeth colored brown). For teeth that have gray colors need extra dental care. Gray-colored teeth because a result of the use of antibiotics. For those of you who have yellow teeth (which is not severe) can use a variety of natural ingredients to whiten your teeth.

There are some natural ingredients that can become the best way to whiten teeth naturally. Some of the natural ingredients such as lemon peel can be used to whiten teeth. It is very simple only by rubbing the lemon skin on the entire surface of the tooth. The bay leave was also able to help whiten teeth. Take 5-6 bay leaves then dried the bay leaves. Squeeze the bay leaves that have been dried into a powder and mixed with the dried lemon peel and crushed into a powder. Then rub on the surface of the teeth, do daily to achieve maximum results. The consumption of strawberry fruit is beneficial to our body because strawberry fruit contains vitamin C but strawberry fruit also can whiten teeth because they contain amalat acid. Areca nuts can be used to whiten teeth. Areca nuts burned to charcoal, charcoal then rubbed into the entire surface of the teeth (do it once a week).

  How Often Should You Whiten Your Teeth

Besides using a variety of natural materials, you need to change your lifestyle become healthier, such as stop smoking because nicotine can create stains on your teeth, eat a lot of vegetables and fruits are crunchy because it can help clean your teeth after eating. Eating candy that containing xylitol because it can help whiten your teeth, can neutralize the pH of the mouth, and can increase the production of saliva. Many ways to whiten teeth naturally, you can choose a natural way that suits with you.